Life Advice and Photos of 1,000 Strangers From 48 States

— by artist and storyteller Imran Nuri

A 672-page, 10x10-inch hardcover coffee table photobook with 1,000 photos of strangers and their advice about making the most of life.

After 84 days of living in his sedan to drive to all of the lower 48 states while asking 1,000 strangers for life advice before photographing them on black-and-white film, Nuri has created a captivating photo series that challenges readers to reflect on their own beliefs about living a life well-lived and demonstrates that we have more in common with the people around us than we think.

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What people are saying:

"The portraits not only showcase the diversity of our nation, but also serve as a reminder that regardless of what the news will have us believe, we are more alike than we are different."

Elizabeth M.

"Mr. Nuri gives us hope for a future that empowers people to build each other up and not tear each other down! FIVE STARS+"

Buckeyes of Powell

"I am in awe of the amount of dedication and genuine faith in your fellow man that this project displays."

Kellie R.

"Made me feel more things than I knew I could. Absolutely heart warming and eye opening."


"Today was the first time in a long time that I've seen money go out of my account and been excited about it."

Matt W.

"Friends come over they start looking at it and they don’t want to stop. Highly recommend and see if you can find a video clip of the author telling his story, well worth it."

Jay W.

"The advice from strangers is so meaningful and useful! This absolutely stunning book will be handed down through generations of my family."

V. Dunwoody

"The photographs are gorgeous and the insights from interviewees are inspiring. This book is something I will read and re-read and treasure for years."


"I have only made it 30 strangers in, but the concept of this 7 pound book is beautiful and really makes you think about life. Absolutely love the authenticity of the pictures and the advice from complete strangers."

Jennifer D.
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Fully Funded on Kickstarter in Just 12 HOURS

Because this book is self-published, Imran Nuri needed the help of friends and followers to bring it to life. Despite having 30 days to raise $25,000 for designing, editing, and publishing the book, it took just 12 hours to reach the goal!

At the end of the 30-day campaign, 921 people from seven countries had preordered the book to raise $68,019 to bring the book to life.

Print length
672 pages
Size and Weight
10x10 inches, 7 pounds
Hardcover only
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Full body portrait photo of artist and storyteller Imran Nuri standing in grass, wearing black pants, wearing a white shirt, wearing a hat, smiling, and holding a 50-year-old twin-lens camera.
Why Did He Make This?

Imran Nuri

— Artist and Storyteller

After shutting down his nonprofit at the end of 2021, Imran Nuri asked himself how his life would change if he knew he would die in a year. The answer was clear as day: he would drive to all of the lower 48 US states, ask 1,000 strangers for life advice, and photograph them. That, and spending more time with the people he loves.

Starting in May of 2022, Imran lived in his Toyota Camry for 12 weeks straight while driving to all of the lower 48 US states in pursuit of photographing 1,000 strangers after asking them for a piece of life advice. The journey challenged every aspect of who he was. Talking to strangers was way out of his comfort zone, he had never lived in a car before, he quit his job, and he used a combination of his entire savings, Patreon, and a personal loan to fund the cost of it all. Sleeping in rest areas, casino parking lots, Walmarts, and occasionally on friends' couches around the country, Imran planned his next destination each morning. His days were spontaneous, which was perfect for the serendipity he was looking for in meeting strangers.​

The end result is a series of 1,000 black-and-white portraits of people across America, each of whom shared a personal learning in their lives. Readers experience an inevitable pattern of universal keys to living a life well lived.

In a time when divisiveness is more prevalent than ever, this series also seeks to show that despite our races, genders, locations, and more, we have more in common with the strangers around us than we think. The photos were made on a medium format film camera, the subjects were told to pose however they felt most comfortable, and just one photo was taken of each stranger.

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Advice From Strangers

"What do you know now that you wish you had known earlier?"

Black and white photo of a tall, smiling white man with a big beard who has hundreds of tattoos on his arms and legs. This photo is part of Imran Nuri's Advice From America photo series and book.

Stranger No. 549 (stage 4 cancer), Colorado Springs, CO

"I wish I wouldn't have worked as hard and as many hours. I missed out on a lot of things. When I got sick, I lost everything, but having nothing is when I got more than I ever had in my life. I swear to God. I'm homeless, I have no car, but I never sleep in the street, and I always have a couple of dollars for beer every day. Having less is more, I'm telling you. The biggest thing in the world you can have is human connection. Without somebody else to live with, nobody would want to be here."

Black and white photo of a Black woman wearing a black blazer and holding a black Gucci handbag. She has a slight smirk on her face. This photo is part of Imran Nuri's Advice From America photo series and book.

Stranger No. 28, Buffalo, NY

"It's not what people say— it's how you respond. A lot of times, we are reactionary. Sometimes we react the wrong way and wish that we could take it back."

Black and white photo of a Black man holding up a peace sign standing on a brick sidewalk. This photo is part of Imran Nuri's Advice From America photo series and book.

Stranger No. 349, Savannah, GA

"Never believe a liar."

Black and white photo of an older white woman standing behind the counter of her antique store. She is smiling and slightly crossing her arms. This photo is part of Imran Nuri's Advice From America photo series and book.

Stranger No. 491, Purcell, OK

"Take your time in finding a life partner. Don't let the sex cloud your judgment about a person, and don't rush into marriage. They should be your best friend over everything else."

Black and white photo of a white man sitting at a table and smiling. He is wearing a beret hat and crossing his legs. This photo is part of Imran Nuri's Advice From America photo series and book.

Stranger No. 612, Flagstaff, AZ

"I'm 46 years old, and I have four daughters. My oldest daughter is 24, she just got married a year and a half ago, and she's making us grandparents. Yesterday I was down at the creek with my pregnant oldest daughter and my son-in-law. My second oldest daughter is 20, and her first boyfriend came with us for the first time and he's all nervous, right? I just kept finding myself looking around and thinking about how amazing this time of my life is. I kept reminding myself to slow down and enjoy it. When I think about when we were all younger, I wish that I had taken the time to enjoy a million other moments. There were so many moments when I was caught up on my phone or caught up on something else, you know? And now here's my daughter at 24 and pregnant, and it's just amazing."

Black and white photo of an older white woman smiling and standing on a paved lot at the top of a mountain

Stranger No. 571, Centennial, Wyoming

"Enjoy life to the fullest while you can."

Black and white photo of an Asian woman smiling and sitting on a bench under a tree

Stranger No. 675, Portland, OR

"At 25 years old, I wondered if I was doing the right thing with my life. After finishing undergrad and grad school in Pittsburgh, I looked at a paper map and decided I was going to move to San Francisco. This was before the days of Google Maps, and I had never been there. After living there for a while, I moved to Santa Fe, New Mexico, and then to New York, and then one day, I packed up my dog in my car and moved to Austin. Six months later, I'm at a bar with a friend who goes up to a man and says, "Hey, I think you need to meet my friend," pointing to me. He and I exchanged numbers, and I actually said, "Oh, I have to go now." I thought there was no way he was going to call me, but he did, and in January, it will be 12 years together. When I think about what I would tell my 25-year-old self right now, I would just tell her not to stress. Everything is going to be okay. Focus on putting one foot in front of the other one day at a time, and you'll be okay."

Black and white photo of a Black man sitting on his three-wheeled motorcycle. This photo is part of Imran Nuri's Advice From America photo series and book.

Stranger No. 365, Nassau County, FL

"Just keep riding. I’ve been riding since I was 18, and now I’m 70 years old. It gives me peace of mind when I’m on the road. I have to stay focused, and it gives me a sense of clarity. Nothing else matters when I’m on the road."

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